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Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor helps men and women, regardless of their age or walk of life, free themselves from alcohol dependency. Alcohol dependency destroys households, friendships, and relationships, and it’s easy to give up hope; those suffering from alcohol abuse frequently don’t understand the way to get help or who to ask. Recovery is also obstructed by a cultural tradition that keeps addiction silent out of humiliation or shame. Break the cycle of dependency today! Alcohol Rehab Centers in Ann Arbor treat substance addiction from physical and psychological standpoints, making it possible for everybody to fight dependency and initiate change in their life. Speak with a treatment professional about the way to end addiction; call 734-215-7878 now!

How Alcohol Dependency Hurts

Alcohol dependency is dangerous for lots of reasons: it ruins relationships, impedes personal achievements, harms the body, and has unwanted effects on the mind. Habitual alcohol misuse initiates lots of health consequences, like cirrhosis (or hardening) of the liver, epilepsy, heart disorders, dietary deficiencies, ulcers, harm to the nervous system, cancer, and even death. Alcohol also poses a serious risk to the psychiatric health of the user, especially because alcohol use is related to about 10% of all dementia diagnoses. Other common consequences of alcohol abuse include delayed brain function, poor psychiatric health, and decreased social skills. Additionally, alcohol abuse decreases the ability to identify correct facial expressions and perceive humor.

Customized Recovery Plans

Alcohol dependency is clinically regarded as a medical disease, and, like other illness, is able to destroy the life the person suffering from it; also, like other illness, customized treatment programs have been developed to treat alcohol abuse. Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor is unique because they design customized treatment strategies for all their clients, whether or not the addiction is a long-lasting fight, or if the first signs of addiction are just recently becoming apparent. Recovery is achievable for everyone, and because everybody has a unique and specific history, Alcohol Rehab Ann Arbor, Michigan custom-makes rehab techniques that incorporate medically-proven rehabilitation strategies, that have the best possible rate of recovery. As a highly regarded leader in the rehabilitation community, Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor uses confirmed answers, like detox, individual and group counseling, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and 12-step meetings.

Because the co-occurance of alcohol use and psychiatric issues – particularly major depression disorder – is so typical, it takes a highly skilled and capable group of recovery professionals to truly help addicts become sober and keep it that way. Too many recovery centers address alcohol abuse as a one-size-fits-all disorder, and each struggling client is prescribed the same treatment. Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor maximizes the rehabilitation process for every client, by dealing with the extremely individual challenges their clients face all through recovery. These reasonably priced rehabilitation programs vary from 28 days, 60 days, or 90 days, and are completed in beautiful, luxurious outpatient living accommodations with all the comforts and high quality of care as pricey, inpatient rehabilitation centers.

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The benefits of sobriety are not limited to happiness, family, friends, success, and monetary stability – Alcohol Rehab in Ann Arbor helps addicts recover much more. Alcohol addiction can seem like an unconquerable enemy, but, with the assistance of rehab, many alcohol abusers win the battle. The television and the internet each produce an overwhelming quantity of information about alcohol rehabilitation, which can make it tricky to judge which treatment program is the best, and which information is reliable. Let Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor help, and get in touch with one of their alcohol abuse recovery specialists. Operators are available 24 hours a day to help assess methods and recommend the perfect treatment facilities based on every client’s particular needs, so call 734-215-7878 as soon as possible to talk to an alcohol rehab specialist!

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