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People usually talk about dependency in terms of physical and mental addiction. Each is a harmful result of drug and alcohol use no matter how often or how much is abused. Physiological dependence, also known as physical dependence, refers to the body's way of adding the substance into 'regular' bodily functions. For instance, oxycodone creates 'feel good' chemical compounds. However, when drug use is stops the body no longer generates these 'feel good' chemicals on its own. Psychological dependence refers to the 'want' for a substance because it feels good. This is more of a mental addiction. People can even become psychologically dependent on activities, such as self-hurt, purchasing, and gambling. These activities turn into habits and become hard to break out of. The addiction starts to take over the individual's daily life. It's important to not forget that a user could be both physically and mentally addicted to one or many substances at the same time. This makes it even more of a challenge to seek help. Once the cycle starts it can be hard to get out of.

The highly qualified professionals at addiction treatment centers guide clients through the recovery process. With support and treatment, the patient can give up substance abuse. However, this is not an overnight recovery. Recovery is a long process. Patients must commit to the entire treatment program. It is important that they have the support of family and friends. It is also important to get them out of their usual surroundings. During rehab, clients come to know their addictions, and how their addictions have psychological, financial, social, physiological, and legal consequences. Addiction affects all areas of a client's life. It even affects other family members. Addiction treatment recovery focuses on rehabilitation that helps clients know which situations trigger these outcomes. Clients then learn to avoid triggers to drug and alcohol abuse. Without this awareness it can be hard to move on from addiction. Repeating the same behaviors is a major cause of continued substance abuse. When clients know why they are doing a behavior it can be a lot easier to stop that behavior all together.

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