Very efficient!
Very efficient! I cannot thank Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor enough! Not only did they save my life, but they helped me get back my family and made it possible for me to keep a job and support my family. I highly suggest their detox and rehab services if you wish to change!
, Ann ArborOct 14, 2010

I need to keep sober and healthy!
Totally saved my life! I knew that when I had pushed away and disappointed everyone that I loved, that I had hit an all-time low and was as sad and miserable as I felt. I had nearly lost hope with all of the rehabilitation programs that I had tried and failed. I assumed I was out of options, however, Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor gave me hope once more by helping me understand drug addiction, and instructing me methods to get clean and avoid relapses. I would most certainly still be living on the streets, by myself, and suffering without help from Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor. Instead, I have my loved ones back again, I've got an ideal job, and the support I need to keep sober and healthy.
, Ann ArborNov 15, 2012

I am finally clean and sober!
Extremely effective! I hadn't been successful at many other treatment centers. With the help of Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor, I am finally clean and sober, and am able to handle my addiction!
, Ann ArborNov 14, 2013

I recommend them highly!
Incredibly gorgeous! Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor’s rehabilitation centers and homes were all gorgeous, and helped make my rehabilitation experience effective and a success. I recommend them highly!
, Ann ArborOct 16, 2010

Program actually saved my life!
Very effective! I believed I was in treatment against my will, so after I arrived at Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor I wouldn’t open up and communicate in group or one-on-one counseling. I didn't ever think that anybody could understand me or my problems with substance abuse, and I didn’t think that rehab could work for me anyway. However, once I started to listen to the stories of others in treatment, I realized that lots of us had suffered through the same problems. Just as soon as I began to participate and open up, I felt myself getting much stronger mentally, and more healthy physically. Substance Abuse Rehab Ann Arbor’s kind and understanding rehabilitation program actually saved my life!
, Ann ArborNov 5, 2013

Substance Abuse rehab Ann Arbor is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.

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